Agriculture for Growth

Agriculture for Growth

The New Nigeria Project promises to eliminate hunger and reduce poverty through agriculture.

Blessed with the most productive agricultural terrain in the world, food production continues to dwindle in Nigeria.

Desert encroachment at 0.6km/year, threatens what used to be the Northern food basket. Oil spillage destroys coastal fishing.

Erosion, overgrazing, overuse of chemicals and pollution, all these continue to deplete Nigeria’s agricultural output.

SAP related policies, removal of subsidies, and unreasonable taxation on agricultural exports further destroy this sector.

These in tandem with the lurking global famine, make a sit and do nothing attitude of the present dispensation, disastrous.

The New Nigeria Project under its “No Zone Left Behind,” Programme achieves the following:

Makes it a government responsibility to develop comprehensive irrigation systems across agricultural zones.

Prioritizes the redevelopment of  the agricultural industry in the North and South.

Development of Agricultural settlements designed specifically for farming and agricultural industrial enterprise as key objective.

Promotes subsistence and small-scale farming with incentives and subsidies and properly addresses land tenure issues. Protection of small-scale farmers from commercial and industrial farmers is essential in protecting prices of produce and realization of a surplussing Nigerian agricultural system.

Ensures government investment in and support of produce processing and storing plants at the local level.

Develops and promotes farming, fishing and rearing livestock with mission to make Nigeria a net agricultural produce exporter.

Establishes environmentally sound agricultural production and culture in Nigeria: Several modified seeds and pesticides are ultimately dangerous for the environment, the farmer and consumer, in addition to being fashioned to create a state of farmer dependence on the foreign multinational corp. These must be carefully monitored. The ministry of agriculture under the New Nigeria Project operates a department to monitor and control the technology offered to Nigeria’s farmers.

Aggressive reforestation.

In conjunction with item Environmental Pollution* the New Nigeria Project cleans-up Niger-Delta water ways. Fish farming and trawler fishing will be redeveloped in the naturally suitable coastal states.

Develops and sustains local agricultural research and technology development for the African farmer.

Appreciably improves road, rail and other transport networks for optimal access and distribution, thus bringing down costs, reducing time-related decay-wastage and ultimately increasing farmer profit margins.



  • ademola adebayo

    I am so much in love with the concept of this initiative. This is what our nation needs at this point in our history. Pls…how do i become a full part of this?