The New Nigeria Project operates on the principle that sound education is the key to peace and success.

In line with our principle, there must be complete revamping of the Nigerian education system. This system has been abandoned since independence.

We will urgently constitute a board of Nigerian educationists to study this problem and propose plans to update it.

Teachers certifications will be cross-checked.

Teachers will be required to undergo re-certification tests.

Computerized learning, e-resources will be made a priority.

Schools equipment and facilities will be standardized. The learning environment of students is key to their training.

According to the World bank database, the percentage of Nigeria’s total GDP invested in education has been on the decline year-to-year. This goes against reason. The New Nigeria Project will prioritize education on the budget.

Our curriculum will be revised in recognition of African cultural and developmental interests. African history will replace elements of unnecessary colonial reverence in our educational material.

Vernacular will no longer be banned in schools in recognition of the value of an unchallenged identification with self and origin.

Religious, and cultural integrative and co-existence lessons will be considered for all school curricula.

Research will be supported and promoted at all levels of the educational system.

African science journals will be hosted under government programs.



  • Justice

    Well, while I commend the general scheme of a site promising comprehensive scheme of the Nigerian status quo and what looks like a pragmatic portfolio of solution, I must however point out that the general idea conveyed by this site (and hence subtly, the scheme represented) is a bit misleading. on the surface level it says work in progress, but on further reading it reveals a manifesto of projects to be embarked upon on assumption of office. this might look like a minor error but I must state here as a matter of constructive criticism that it is not. deliberate misinformation no matter the intention is not what the new Nigeria need. it is an already over used tool in the hand of the current leadership and hence critical Nigerians are weary of anything that gives hint of deception. you will do well if you state boldly that these are the things we hope to achieve as SNP and perhaps shed more light as to how they will be achieved. thanks

  • Madua’ Justice

    The growth and prosperity of a nation depends on the impact that education has on the citizenry. By this, i believe that we can build a great and powerful Nigeria when we use the tools of education as a means to project the superiority of Nigeria as a concept which we can teach our children. With this, many years to come, the younger generation would have been soaked in the spirit of ‘positivity’ and the ‘I can do attitude’. This is all we need to begin to create a great and powerful Nigeria.