Health care

Health care

New Nigeria Project addresses health care with a holistic approach.

Primary goals are the safeguarding and promoting total health at the individual level.

Strategies and mechanisms are designed on making health care affordable via community approach and focus on primary care.

Development of this department focuses on not just purchasing material and equipment from the western world and India, but establishing local health solution technology potential and remedy development.

Universal health care is positioned as a cornerstone of the New Nigeria health care project.

Primary care development with optimized connectivity between local units and central, taking advantage of technology, e-Health and Tele-medicine, is a major objective of the new pathway for improving Nigerian health care performance, delivery and maintenance.

Preventive medicine via education and information tailored for delivery at the local level are a key aspect of the New Nigerian project’s policy.

Our adjacent policy on promoting innovation and research into solutions for Africa are a full component in the improvement in health care provision for Nigeria’s 150 million citizens.

Nigeria’s tertiary centers will be upgraded to state of the art centers capable of handling most complicated emergencies and cases. In line with this, government officials will be as a policy, discouraged from seeking health care abroad.