Infrastructure & Maintenance

Infrastructure & Maintenance

Apart from Abuja, FCT, the seat of the Nigerian government, most of Nigeria is plagued by a deficiency in infrastructure and dilapidated existing structure.

The New Nigeria Project includes a radical policy on building and maintenance. Nationwide productivity is directly related to available infrastructure. Infrastructure is the quintessential prerequisite for progress.

Most of Nigeria’s structures outside Abuja, FCT were built prior to 1980. There has been next to no new construction since and no maintenance on what was built.

In Lagos, Nigeria for instance, by this time, there should be not one, not two, but even 6 more ‘Third-mainland’ bridges.

There should be several more conduits linking Lagos to Ibadan.

There should be more than one road and bridge linking North and South.

There should by now be more than just the single dilapidated roads in and out of Southern states, with maintenance of and constructed alternates of the singular ‘Niger-bridge.’

In addition, various other means of transport must be established to decrease the overburden on road trunks.

Nigeria must have its refineries upgraded and more built. The sabotage in these aspects will immediately be addressed under the New Nigeria Project.

Nigeria must invest in restoring its power plants to optimal and safe function, and also in building new  green-technology generation plants. Nuclear power will be pursued under the New Nigeria Project.

Mobile, internet and other communication technology must be optimized for proper growth and competitiveness.

The state of Nigerian infrastructure remains in reckless abandon, with single accidents disrupting flow of commerce for days.

The New Nigeria Project requires old contractors, either immediately complete their contracts to standards, or take necessary action on these contractors.

All opportunities that Nigeria has, must be harnessed and converted into environmentally safe solutions. For example, natural gas that is flared in southern refineries is immense quantity of energy that is wasted every day. Nigeria will now harness and turn over all wastage and available resource for constructive and developmental purposes.

Maintenance and restoration is top priority under the New Nigeria Project. Nigeria can afford this top priority.

Building and maintenance of infrastructure in addition to enabling growth, also secures thousands of jobs for the Nigerian people.



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