In standardizing Nigeria’s security service:

Nigeria’s security personnel must be above graft. This will be achieved by securing adequate budget quota for officers’ salary and welfare. Our men in uniform will be supported for their self sacrificial duty to protect life and property. Full financial security will be assured to family members of officers who are injured or loose their lives in the line of duty. In line with these improvements, there will be strict monitoring of officer misconduct. The public will be invited and given direct lines to report officers seen taking hand-outs or in dereliction of duty.

For twentieth century law enforcement, all police divisions across all states must be equipped with modern equipment, including helicopters. These observation and surveillance equipment are a must in lieu of technological advancement in the conduct of criminality. We must update our enforcement to catch up with advances in crime perpetuation.

Public records: All felons will be publicly displayed and their names, identities and images will be kept on a publicly accessible database. Criminals will no longer be let off and allowed re-integrate with society without public sensitization. Records will be promptly kept and these will be in the public domain.

National Identification: Please refer to this stand-alone item in portfolio.