Social Welfare

Social Welfare

All so-called advanced nations have a level of social welfare. Indeed, this is a basic principle of human existence and can be found in all Holy scripture.

Terror sponsors hire the downtrodden in the society, for peanuts sometimes to perpetuate the wicked acts.

In recognition of this, the New Nigeria Project addresses this deficit in the Nigerian system.

Poverty is directly associated with violence and crime. Parallel programs under the New Nigeria project will create jobs for many in all regions of the federation.

In tandem, looted funds will be recuperated as well as funds being lost from bunkering, smuggling, oil barons and other loop-holes in the Nigerian system today.

Educational training is prioritized under the New Nigeria Project to make more citizens employable.

But those who are yet to be meaningfully integrated into the working society must be provided for under a sensibly structured social welfare system that works in concert with item National Identification.*

Under this heading: Affordable housing and housing shelters must also be a priority.

A human being is entitled to certain things under a responsible government. Shelter and the confidence of a next meal must be assured.



  • Frederick Agbonika

    Housing deficiency is at it’s highest ever and the dream of owning a house is out of reach of the common man,so housing should be a pivotal section under this social welfare.