Terrorism is a threat that affects the entire world. However even though it is rather impossible to abate a mind in disarray, it is possible to check the individual.

This is why in the United States and Europe, even though there is a great threat of terror, successful execution is rare.

The simple technique utilized in these nations is the ‘hindrance of aggregation.’ Unless a terrorist acts alone, the minute he communicates with a second party, which is essential for large scale acts, he exposes himself to getting caught by virtue of the conspicuousness of size.

Preemptive and predictive deterrence is also highly invested in.

The New Nigeria Project implements tested and trusted mechanisms for checking the eruption of terror related incidents.

An improved socio-economic system is an essential, primary step in discouraging alignment with terrorists. The New Nigeria project comprehensive developmental plans will improve social welfare in Nigeria and discourage terror. Refer to Social welfare item*

Mob action laws

Mob violence is not a crime in Nigeria. Once two people gather and violate a third, they are not culpable under the existing system. The New Nigeria Project will issue a solid warning to Nigerians against mob action. The improved law enforcement agencies with available contact hot lines will be primed to deal with all acts of violation reported by citizens, hence citizens will no longer be allowed to take the law into their own hands. It will be firmly announced and this information will be disseminated via all social institutions, that Nigeria will no longer tolerate any form of mob action or mob violence. The vicious cycle of inter or intra ethnic, cultural or religious attacks and counter attacks will be addressed firmly by making scape-goats of any individual caught in connection to any form of mob or unit violence.

New Nigeria will prosecute its first ethnic violence criminals and the punishment will be severe. The court system will be the only platform for convicting and sentencing social misbehavior and all citizens will be compelled to utilize this proper system.

Vigilante systems will be employed up until the time when Nigeria’s enforcement is adequate to monitor all communities. The village vigilante’s will be put through training and will work in concert with law enforcement.

Anonymous reporting hot-lines will be available for citizens to discretely report suspicious activity across the federation and incentives and rewards will be offered for information on certain activities.

State of the art equipment will be introduced into law enforcement.

In cooperation with Nigeria’s neighbors, Nigeria’s borders will be monitored.

Suspects will be publicly declared wanted, and posters will be printed and published online for global assistance in locating unscrupulous individuals. Under the current defunct administrations, the public and people who know these suspects, their family and the like do not even know their relatives are wanted for taking life and destruction of property. This will be instantly corrected with the New Nigeria Project.