National Identification

National Identification

God bless Nigeria, we host thousands of citizens of neighboring Chad and Niger without their entry and departure ever being documented.

Nigeria does not have a process of identifying its people.

Our census figures have been contested and debated.

It is impossible to build a nation without having an idea of the number of citizens in that nation.

Policy planing is pinged on identification of not only population absolute numbers, but demographics and spread.

Security in a world where crime is getting more complex with advanced tools of operation, is impossible without an electronic database of members and an identification system.

The New Nigeria Project prioritizes this urgent developmental need.

The new identification system will be incorporated into the drivers’ license system, but the registry will not only be for drivers. All citizens will be invited to obtain ID cards.

A thumb print identity record will be collected and saved in a central database which will be accessible by the law enforcement agency.

The national biographical identification system will serve multiple functions of nation building, including, security, health-care, electoral reform and more.


While on the topic of identification, the New Nigerian Project will also once and for-all, properly redress the problem of indigeneship.

Nigerian’s will become useful and integrated into the societies where they actually live, instead of being only responsible for and in, distant societies they may never even visit or have any connection to.

A Nigerian who has lived 3-5 years in any region will have the right to apply for indigeneship in that region and contest for office.
This will be a first step in paving the pathway for a total scrapping of indigeneship.