Prioritizing Innovation

Prioritizing Innovation

African states can not get out of their developmental deficit without prioritizing innovation.

The New Nigeria Project establishes investment in strategic market opportunities in technology, with especial focus on youth.

The African people are its greatest resource and the New Nigeria Project values the people.

We have established a platform for the exchange of ideas and collaboration among individuals, institutions, scientists and private sponsors to support projects. All talented individuals and organizations are fully promoted under this innovation project.

Our stable structured plan that provides adequate direction of capital in tandem with government established and promoted mentoring and support, with facilitation of favorable environment will promote a new institution of technological development for Africa.

Marketing pathways are being developed to make innovation a rewarding venture.

An interdisciplinary approach to produce pragmatic solutions for Africa, in a conducive environment promises to generate sustainable outcomes.

Areas covered by this project include, education, healthcare, agriculture, nature conservation, green technology, power, infrastructure, general prosperity, economics, communication, military technology and human development.



  • prince jackson

    Hope, this project is gonna move Nigeria forward!